Among the Imposters


Luke- Luke is a shadow child and also the main character in the book. He has been hiding for 12 years of his life and now when his only friend Jen died because she went to a rally with about 40 other shadow children and the population police just gunned them down. Ever since then, Luke has been using Jen to get through school and really wishes he could be Jen. Now knowing that Jason and Nina are bad Luke tries to get away when the population police come.

Jackal Headed boy- Jackal headed boy is the mean person to Luke who sleeps in the same bedroom but in the middle of the story Luke finds out that the jackal headed boy just does that to find out who is a shadow child since he is himself.

Rolly-Rolly is the mean boy who is handicapped and pushes Luke around who ran away with his stuff instead of just helping.

Mr. Talbot- Mr. Talbot is Jen's (Luke's best friend) father who also works for the population police and who is very wise.

Trey- Trey is one of the people in Luke's friend group and who is probably the nicest out of all of them.

Jason- Jason is the one in the friend group who is like Jen not afraid of anything but wants to be home in his room. Jason is also a trader because him and Nina find out who all the shadow children are and then turn doesn't that a trader or betrayer.
Nina- Nina is the sassy one of the group and also is the most talkative and to Luke the one who sounds like Jen. Nina is also a trader and a shadow child she is a trader to the group because she turned all the shadow children in from there group. That is pretty mean she's also a betrayer.